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Signature Collection

Introduced on 2011, Our Signature series have become our pride. With the concept of prestigious fashion jewelry with such detailed craftmanship and our signature touch of complexity, we aim to share our perfectly imperfect pieces for your pride as well.

Ilse Collection

Since the first time Swarovski introduced their crystal pearls, many high branded fashion houses and well known designers through out the world have been using their Crystal Pearls. Their unparalleled harmonious and lustrous shimmer, it’s the reason why AR Signature also decides to also use them as part of our exquisite Ilse collections
AR Signature® - Proud to be Genuine

AR Hestia Collection

AR Hestia, a sister brand born from AR Signature. A Brand which aim for casual daily use jewelry but still maintain their high quality material and craftmanship made with genuine Swarovski Crystals


Every seasons, SWAROVSKI® bring us, designers at AR SIGNATURE® , fresh innovation for their crystals. They can be new colors palate, new shape, new cutting, or new application concept. Needless yo say that we are exciting for their innovation can can't want to put them together and presented them to you

Welcome to AR Signature® Atelier

Where passion of fashion meets carefully handcrafted high quality material. We guarantee all of our crystals are genuine Swarovski® Crystals.
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